What They're Sayin' About Us

"I have known Zo since I was 18 years old. Just played his band's new CD and I enjoyed his songs very much. I am amazed that his voice is actually stronger than when I first heard it more than 40 years ago. I also like the songs he wrote very much. Way to go Zo!" - Karen Gonazles

"Who I Am" is still my favorite tune on the album. It's groovy, and just strikes a note with me. Lyrics are dead on." - Tyler

“Ready for an unpaid advertisement? I have already listened to the Zo Carroll and The Soul Breakers CD that I bought last night at least three times. Love it! When I heard Scott Miller play the song “Slow Moves” at the Tucson Swing Dance Club I knew I had to have this CD. All great songs!” Leslie Whitaker-Weichelt

"Hey Zo and the Band. Didn't go to the testimonial page but here's my review. These comments come from a few sources as I gave the CD's we bought as gifts. 1) Great mix of songs, all are different. 2) Recording quality is very good. 3) (this is from me) lyrics, style, musicality, soul and heart are all A+.
Love it guys!!! LOVE IT!! -
Ronald Beckett

"A big wow! I just listened to Zo and The Soul Breakers new album "What I Need." If you like blues, blues dancing and soul, you'll love it. I can't believe he's right here in Tucson and I'm usually out of town when he plays. Now I can listen whenever I want! Just "What I Need." - Amy Weintraub
"Jeez, Zo. Your CD is so good! My son loves it and I am sure others will too. So now I have a problem of needing more copies." - Myron Donald